6-Week Summer Shreds Online Program

Sign up for the upcoming 6-Week Summer Shreds Online Program, starting March 28th and be ready for another CrossFit season!

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Get your beach
muscles ready

Summer Shreds is designed for CrossFitters looking to gain strength and get shredded for the beach.

Strut your stuff in confidence with the help of Coach Brandon this summer!

Brandon in pink shorts standing in the water in the summertime
Brandon in pink shorts standing in the water in the summertime, looking down

Gain muscle and strength

This program targets muscle and strength gains, while building joint health to prepare you for another CrossFit "season."

What's Included in Summer Shreds?


Use the built in Leaderboard for extra motivation. Everyone that enrols in Summer Shreds will have the choice to use the Leaderboard feature. Remember, this is just exercise… don’t take the Leaderboard too seriously. Make sure you dish out plenty of virtual fist bumps!


We utilize TrainHeroic to deliver and track your results from the Summer Shreds Program. Easily Log your workouts from your phone.


Each exercise will come with a video demonstration so you know you are doing it right. Pro tip: film yourself to compare your movement with the video!